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Silica sand + brushing of artificial grass

    🌱✨ Did you know why we put silica sand and brush the artificial grass after its installation? 🌟

    Silica sand is essential for maintaining your artificial grass in optimal condition. Here’s why:

    1. Stability and Firmness: Silica sand helps keep the grass fibers upright, giving it a more natural appearance and preventing them from getting flattened over time.
    2. Durability: It acts as a protective base that reduces fiber wear and tear, extending the lifespan of your grass.
    3. Drainage: It facilitates water drainage, preventing puddles and keeping the grass dry and clean.

    Brushing is equally important because:

    1. Maintains Appearance: It lifts the grass fibers to ensure they look uniform and natural.
    2. Distributes the Sand: Ensures that the silica sand is evenly distributed, improving the stability and functionality of the grass.
    3. Prevents Damage: Regular brushing prevents the fibers from becoming flattened and deteriorating prematurely.

    Take care of your artificial grass to keep it looking spectacular.

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